Contact Lens Examination

Contact lenses are a great alternative or complement to glasses for those who require corrective eyewear.  They come in a variety of forms, made of different materials, and designed for different patterns of wear.  Our specialists can help choose the best type for your eyes, furnish you with the correct prescription, and provide expert instruction for proper care and use of your contacts.


Contact Lenses

Contact lens exams are not part of a routine eye exam. This is separate service provided by our contact lens technician, under the physician’s guidance. Payment for contact lens exams and contact lenses are due at the time the service or supply is rendered. Some routine vision insurance carriers will pay for this service, please check with your company to see if that benefit is available to you or call our office at 860-668-0266, and we will do our best to assist you.

To schedule your contact lens appointment, please call our office at 860-668-0266. Be sure to let the operator know you are calling to schedule a contact lens examination.


Exams for patients new to Contact Lenses

If you have never worn contact lenses, the technician, under the physician’s guidance, will determine the best fit for your needs. You will be instructed on insertion, removal and the care of your contact lenses. Once the fit is complete and you have returned for a follow-up appointment, the technician will order contact lenses for you or provide you with a prescription.


Exams for Current Contact Lens Wearers

If you are a current contact lens wearer or have worn contact lenses before, the technician, under the physician’s guidance, will check your corneas and your contact lens needs will be re-evaluated. (This exam is separate from your yearly examination with the physician.) Once the fit is complete the technician will order contact lenses for you or provide you with a prescription.

Contact lens prescriptions expire after a year and another contact lens exam will be needed before you can purchase new contact lenses with a yearly contact lens exam fee applying each year. Please note that any issue or concerns with contacts requiring return visits are covered under the 1x fee every year.